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Auto Accidents:

Injuries stemming from an auto accident can take weeks and even months to show up. Frequently we hear of patients who months after an accident experience unrelenting pain and discomfort. They didn't do any thing immediatley following the accident because they didn't hurt. Do not be one of them!

Whiplash injuries, which are the most common injury to occur in a motor vehicle accident, need to to taken very seriously and dealt with promptly. Even though you may not feel any pain immediately after the accident a thorough exmination is warranted to determine the extent of your injury and to prevent any longterm disabiliity. Research has show that there is only a 72 hour window to initiate treatment before degenerative changes will begin to occur to the areas of injury and make these permanent. Whiplash injuries occur whenever the head - most routinely, is throw in an uncontrolled manner either forward, backward, or sideways due to impact sustained in an accident. This can cause trauma to the joints, muscles, ligaments, and other supportive tissues to the neck and upper back.

So if you have been involved in an auto accident - even if its only a minor fender bender, or any other other type of accident don't just assume that you are okay because you don't have any pain. Pain is a poor indicator of your condition!

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Is caused when the sciatic nerve, which travels down the back of the leg is irritated. This usually presents as a sharp stabbing pain that goes all the way down the back side of one leg. However, it may also present as pain that starts in the lower back, radiates into one of the hips and travels no further than the buttocks. Movement is restricted and tends to aggravate and intensify the pain. Spasming of the muscles to the lower back is also common. Although the pain may be experienced into the leg, this isn't necessarily where the cause of the problem is located. The most common cause of the condition is due to irritation or damage to the nerves that exit the spine in the lower back. This irritation can be as a result of poor alignment of the vertebrae in this region, disc damage, instability to the joint formed between the hips and the tailbone, rotation of the hips, or a combination of all of these. Chiropractic has been show to produce very favorable outcomes as a treatment method for this condition. It is the only option, due to the knowlege of spinal mechanics, that can specifically pinpoint which of these causes is present and help correct the problem. Unfortunatley, although muscle relaxers and pain medication may get rid of the pain, no amount of these is going to address the cause. If left untreated the usual outcome is further deterioration of the spine and episodes of more intense Sciatica where eventually it may become a surgical case. We encourage you to fix the problem and avoid this outcome!

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