I have never been adjusted before, will it hurt?

At Core Chiropractic we utilize low force adjusting techniques and so the chances that the adjustment will hurt is virtually none.  We appreciate that you may have a degree of apprehension about getting adjusted if you have never experienced this before.  We will tell you exactly what to expect and what we will be doing before any adjustment is delivered.

Are x-rays necessary?

At Core Chiropractic we believe that specific information is vital in determining the cause of your condition.

Typically x-rays will be taken of your specific problem areas to fully evaluate and determine the proper route of treatment.

X-ray evaluation provides the following necessary information:

  • It provides a record of your structure.
  • It helps rule out possible tumors, diseases and other pathologies.
  • Helps identify fractures or other trauma.
  • Identifies evidence of long standing spinal decay and distortion.
  • Confirms other examination findings.

At Core Chiropractic we understand your concerns about x-ray exposure, but adhere to the following strict standards to minimize this:

  • We use State of the Art equipment.
  • We only take the x-rays that are absolutely necessary.
  • Reduction of the x-ray beam through collimation reduces the area of exposure.
  • Utilization of sensitive film decreases the length of exposure.

I am pregnant, is Chiropractic safe?

Chiropractic is extremely safe for anyone who is pregnant.  We adapt our techniques to make the treatment as comfortable as possible.  Patients who are under care throughout their preganancy report much less lower back pain, less frequency of morning sickness and shorter and easier delivery and labor times. 


Why should my children be adjusted?

My kids fall, tumble and do the typical things that children do, so wouldn't this just undo everything that is achieved by correcting spinal misalignment through an adjustment?  This is exactly why children should be adjusted to ensure that their spinal development follows a normal course and that they do not suffer any longterm degeneration - "As the twig is bent, so grows the tree".  Children who receive regular adjustments typically demonstrate less susceptibility to colds, middle ear infections, scoliosis, bed wetting and "growing pains".

The adjustments and the force of delivery that we use on children and newborns are specifically tailored to be age appropriate. Generally there is a greater degree of muscle tightness in adults and so this is why more force is required.  In children, however, their adjustments are comparatively gentle.  Generally no more force is needed than that which you would use to determine the ripeness of a peace.     

Once I start seeing a chiropractor I will have to keep going for my lifetime?

The decision as to how long you want to enjoy the health benefits of chiropractic is entirely up to you.  But just like getting your teeth cleaned on a regular basis, or working out to maintain your fitness level, there are huge benefits to incorporating chiropractic into your lifestyle.  Chiropractic is aimed at making sure that your body is capable of working at 100% effciency, through the reduction and elimination of stress to your nervous system.  What would happen if nerve supply was cut off to your heart, or lungs, for instance?  Signs that your body is under this kind of stress might be high blood pressure, or asthma.  Chiropractic looks to the cause of these symptoms, getting rid of it and re-establishing total function to the body.  100% function equates to 100% health!          

Does a chiropractor have the same eductional standards as an MD?

The educational standards of a chiropractor are strictly mandated by the National Accreditation Body, the Council on Chiropractic Education.  Ninety semester hours of pre-professional education with a cumulative grade point average of 2.75, have to be satisfied before admission will be granted to the Doctor of Chiropractic program.  Of these 90 hours, a minimum of 48 hours has to be completed in English language skills, Psychology, Social sciences, Biological sciences, Chemistry and Physics.

The doctor of chiropractic has to complete a minimum of five academic years in the prescribed curriculum. This includes studies in anatomy and physiology, public health, microbiology, pathology, biochemistry, toxicology and biomechanics.  Following this study of the basic sciences course work is dedicated to more specialized subjects, such as chiropractic philosophy and practice, and chiropractic diagnosis and technique.  Because chiropractors do not prescribe either drugs nor surgery, more hours of study are dedicated to subjects such as rehabilitation, nutrition, geriatrics, x-ray and diagnosis.

Once a doctor has graduated from an accredited institution he or she will then be required to have to pass National Board certification in order to be allowed to practice in his/ her state of choice. 

Each state further mandates continuing education on an annual basis.

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