At Core Chiropractic we believe that true health is much a like a three legged stool.  All the legs of the stool need to be of the same length or in balance in order for you to enjoy optimal health.  If one leg is out of balance then it will throw everything off.  The three legs of health are adaptibility to structural or physical stress, chemical (nutritional) stress, and emotional stress.
We believe that if your body is equipped with the correct nutrition then you are going to heal faster and stronger. 
We strongly advocate the use of whole food nutrition, and utilize the line of Standard Process products in our practice! 

So why whole foods: 

  • They honor the vital ingredients of the product - there are no synthetic additives.  They are complete foods that are minimally processed.  
  • Value that nutrients must be consummed together and in synergy for our bodies to actually use them properly.  Our bodies have a hard time recognizing isolated vitamins and minerals and knowing precisely what to do with them.
  • Start with nature - growing foods in nutrient rich soil and through the production process maintain the integrity and complexity of these nutrients.   

At Core Chiropractic we analyse your nutritional needs through our Systems Based Survey, and Functional Nutritional Screening, equipping us to make case specific recommendations.
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