What is it and why would I consider seeing a chiropractor?

Chiropractic is an Art, Science and Philosophy that was discovered and developed over a hundred years ago by a Canadian - David Daniel Palmer. It was his thorough understanding and knowledge of anatomy and philosophy that led him to the discovery that the spine and its structure directly correlates to the wellbeing of the the entire body. The spine wraps around and protects the spinal cord and its branches which reach out into the body. It is through these branches or peripheral nerves that the brain communicates with the body. When we have structural distortion in the spine - what is called a *subluxation, this results in pressure being applied to these nerves right at their origin and blocks nerve transmission along this pathway. So if this nerve supplies the hands - the experience is typically numbness and tingling. If however, this nerve supplies the heart then the symptoms would most likely be high or low blood pressure, angina, or even more life threatening cardiac issues. Chiropractic does not look to treating these symptoms persay, but rather at removing the nerve blockage, through the elimination of the subluxation and thus allowing complete flow of nervous energy to it's destination. With free flow of nervous energy the body can and will function at 100 percent of its capability.

With this said, Chiropractic is so much more than the treatment and relief of neck and back pain, but really will help you achieve optimum health through optimum function.

At Core Chiropractic we utilize Sacro-Occipital technique as our method of detecting and correcting the vertebral subluxation. This is a chiropractic technique that was developer by Major Bertrand De Jarnette and is based on a category system of classifying subluxation patterns into three distinct systems of body reaction. It utilizes a comprehensive system of indicators to determine the primary area of vertebral distortion and allows for the correction of these with greater accuracy, ease and efficiency. Low force adjusting procedures are then used to correct the subluxation and tailored to fit each patient specifically.

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